3 Qualities of a great yoga teacher

Can you spot the difference between a good yoga teacher and a great yoga teacher? Well this is the post all about. However an amazing yoga teacher can have a massive impact that is they can uplift your well being, help you to relax and reduce all the mental and physical stress as well.

Well you will find numerous renowned yoga classes in Melbourne which provides the best training. But here I would like to mention a few qualities that your yoga teacher must possess. Take a look!

• Firstly, a great teacher has a fine ability of connecting with everyone in the class, that is he or she can lead a class of 50 as effectively as 5, as they have the ability to make the connect with everyone.

• Second is the voice, a yoga teacher’s voice is the most powerful tool. I mean he should be able to confidently direct their students only using words.

• Thirdly, sharing their knowledge, well that doesn’t mean that he or should be a lecturer. But it’s all that he clearly knows all the Sanskrit asanas, its medical benefits and limitations.

So these are some of the effective qualities of a good yoga teacher. Visit: http://www.lunayoga.com.au to know more.

Main Source : http://iyengaryogaclass.blogspot.com/2015/02/3-qualities-of-great-yoga-teacher.html

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