3 common yoga mistakes that a newbie should keep in mind

During my 3 year learning of yoga I have found some of the common mistakes that many of us tend to on the frequent basis. Certain problem habits like forgetting to breathe can reflect adversely in our day to day lives.  So in order to cultivate a healthier, safer and pleasant practice, here I would like to mention a few common yoga mistakes that a newbie should keep in mind• First too much focusing in order to achieve a perfect poses. Just because initially you are not able to achieve a perfect pose like your neighbor that doesn’t mean you will never achieve it. In fact many yoga courses in Melbourne emphasize on enjoying your practice.

• Second, forgetting to breathe, breathing plays a very important role and its awareness will keep you safe. While breathing make sure that you do not push it too far, try to take easy and natural breathes.

• Last, skipping the warm up, warm up is done in order to let your body know what you want from it. However you will find several ways to warm up and it also reduces the chance of over stretching.

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How yoga can help for effective weight loss?

Many of us tend to question how yoga can replace those calorie burning, sweat inducing work outs and lead to effective body loss. Well yoga is a great form to practice and if done rightly under the proper guidance of a professional then there are minimal chances for injury. In fact most of people take yoga as a gentle and mindful and not a form of workout, but it is one of the fantastic ways to keep your body what and how you want.

Here I would like to throw some light on three pointers that will guide you in how yoga can help for effective weight loss:

• Yoga offers a great amount of relaxation to your body and mind. Being overweight, sleepless nights are some of the common causes of excessive stress and it’s an indicator that something is out of balance in your life. Regular yoga practice helps in bringing a deep sense of relaxation to your body and mind.

• When your organs such as liver and kidneys aren’t working optimally, your body tends to hold on excess weight and detoxifying your body can help you in losing weight. And opting for best yoga classes in Melbourneis a great place to start detoxifying your body.

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Main Source : http://iyengaryogaclass.blogspot.com/2015/04/how-yoga-can-help-for-effective-weight.html