Tips for choosing yoga gear

Fitness comes first, many of us believe in this saying and in order to keep ourselves healthy and fit we opt for several activities such as gymming, walking, cycling, etc and among all yoga is one of the most relaxed form of exercising, but still it requires a gear to get started. However you will find several yoga classes in Melbourne that provide everything that is from personal mat to yoga specified clothes.

Now here I would like to share some essential tips on How to prepare yourself for yoga?

• Mats: Choosing a yoga mat is one of the most essential things to consider. As working on rug or a slippery towel might lead to injury. Take any style of yoga be it Ashtanga or Iyengar, yoga mats tend to work perfectly for all.

• Clothes and costumes: Yoga clothes are more equivalent to comfortability.  Hence choosing form –fitting pants and tops will allow greater ease in several movements like twists and underfoot.  Besides comfort, keep fabric in mind.

• Other accessories: Apart from these two there are several other items such as towels to cover your mat just in order to add longevity, straps and blocks for people with limited flexibility just in order to get better alignment and many more.


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