Three common mistakes you must avoid while you start your yoga classes in Melbourne

Yoga is a medium of physical and emotional exercise that helps us in several ways and brings about mental and physical balance in our lives. It reduces anxiety and helps with stress and hypertension. There are many forms of yoga and all of them have different approaches and ways of healing. It is always advisable to join professional yoga classes in Melbourne if you are a fresher. While you embark upon this beautiful journey, here are a few common mistakes to look out for and avoid.

• Many times to preach a certain position, students tend to hold their breath. The main focus of yoga is deep breathing and therefore do not compromise with your breaths ad how you are feeling during yoga.

• Like any other form of exercise, do not stuff yourself with food or flavoured drinks for at least an hour prior to your classes.

• And lastly, doing too much too soon. Do not try to replicate some actress you see on television and do not push yourself to reach a position. Take your time, feel the positions rather than achieving them and follow the instructions of your trainer.

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