Get Intellectual Clarity by Attending Iyengar Yoga Classes in Melbourne

Many people in the current era are not able to maintain balance in their professional and personal life due to stress, anxiety and depression. Physical and mental well being both are important to live a good life. Enable your inner soul to be at peace and body to gain its flexibility by practicing yoga in Preston. The benefits of yoga depend on the type of yoga practiced. Health benefits of yoga are innumerable and so are the advantages for mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Yoga is ideal for anyone wishing to get health-conscious as it addresses all areas of health, both physical and mental. Practicing yoga is about creating balance in the body by developing both strength and flexibility. Yoga preaches you to become more self-aware of how your mind and body are connected and what it feels like to be still and calm. It has a profound effect not only on the functions of your body but also on the functions of your mind.

After doing an hour of yoga exercise, you will tend to feel more settled and clear as it is extremely beneficial to mind, body and spirit. Yoga has been shown to be safe and helps to improve sleep and quality of life in a group of older adults with insomnia. These yoga studios also conduct Iyengar yoga classes in Melbourne so that people can get intellectual clarity with emotional equanimity.

Respected BKS Iyengar is acknowledged as one of the most influential teachers of yoga in the last century and is considered the father of modern yoga. Due to his incredible contribution to yoga as a teacher class are named after him as Iyengar yoga classes.

In the era of the 1970’s he brought yoga to the west generating the beginning of today’s explosive growth in yoga. His book ‘Light on Yoga’ has been in continuous print.


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